What we do

In the last four years alone, PIP has helped its clients achieve more than $10bn of measurable revenue and cost improvements across numerous industries worldwide, along with $40 billion in capital cost reductions and $1 billion in sourcing savings.

Our practical, simple methods and tools can be adapted to fit any business. When rigorously applied, they unleash the potential of entire organisations and of the individual managers and supervisors within them. 

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What makes us different

Big, rapid results: We don’t just make recommendations. We work with our clients to deliver big, fully implemented, sustainable results. We are happy having our fees contingent on results delivery.

Sustainable results and permanent transformations: We don’t just help solve single problems or create one-time improvements. We wire businesses up to make them transparent and easy to manage and train our clients extensively to build competence to manage the business. We work with clients to make continuous improvement a way of life. Our biggest satisfaction is seeing these behaviour changes still in place years later.

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Values and Noble Purpose

Our values and noble purpose are what get us out of bed in the morning. They defines our reason for existence and guide our thinking, helping us decide what to do and what not to do. 

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Capability Building

If results are going to be rapid and sustainable, the workforce must be trained in how to deliver and sustain them. For this reason, capability building is integral to our work from day one.

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No Harm

At PIP 'No Harm' is about building a culture of correct attitudes and disciplines, of empowering people to reduce hazards and to mitigate all risks. 

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Skipp Williamson founded PIP in 1996 with the goal of it being a leader in developing improved business results in high-value operations consulting. 

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We lead by example in all that we do, building a culture of correct attitudes and disciplines, empowering people to reduce hazards and minimise risk.

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