Almost every engagement PIP works on involves coaching, training and competency development. We want our client and our own people to grow and develop to their highest possible level.

We focus on developing competencies through multiple approaches:

On the job training 

We work one-on-one to identify and resolve the people's and organisation’s critical issues. In doing so, we train them in our approaches and methodologies, building their skills and confidence so that they can in turn pass this on to others.

Classroom training

We use more formal classroom training sessions to broadly disseminate our methodologies and tool kits as they are needed. With well over 600 training tools and materials we are able to customise formal training programmes that address people's and organisation’s specific needs. All our training courses are highly participative, and provide practical, on-the-job exercises so participants can begin applying what is learnt in the classroom, to their role.

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Role modelling and coaching

The methodologies and toolkits learnt in the classroom environment are rigorously applied day after day on-the-job by participants. A PIP Business Coach will act as a role model, coach and support as they master the skills.

Testing competence by the ability to deliver results 

Building competency is more than simply training. We track and measure people’s demonstration of competencies on the job, supporting them to “hard-wire” ongoing performance improvement. This can only happen when people have the right skills and tools, and when their objectives are aligned with your organisation’s strategy.

University accreditation

PIP offers three courses in partnership with Melbourne University.  Our hands-on coaching, coupled with the Universities academic resources makes for well grounded learning that is readily applicable to real business needs.

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