The PIP solution

Many firms simply ‘consult’ and make recommendations to clients via massive reports. Once their engagement has finished, there’s no clear path towards implementation. That’s why PIP tackles implementation first, on site with your team, while giving you the keys to the driver’s seat. We never really leave, because our toolkit and methodologies are always there for you to use as new challenges arise.

The PIP results

We deliver game-changing results for our clients. We’re known for the speed in which we implement and the large-scale results we achieve. 

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The PIP promise

We measure our success not just by the pace and magnitude of results that are delivered, but by your organisation’s ability to sustain and improve on those results long after we are gone.

The PIP coach

We invest significant time into building capability inside your organisation. Through structured training courses and extensive on-the-job coaching, we drive behavioural change that transforms businesses by improving the way people work.

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The PIP return

We make it really easy for you to work with us. Our approach is based on a low capital investment on your end. We help you further improve your ROI and payback on typical improvements average less than one month.

The PIP team

Our team of PIPers are one of a kind. They come to PIP from senior-line positions and top-tier consulting firms and have deep industry and implementation experience. We work closely with your team to provide insights, guidance, support, and sheer horsepower to help you transform your organisation.

  • Commitment and Partnership

    • “We’re passionate about our clients’ and our own people’s success”
    • We take the owner’s perspective – what’s right for this business?
    • We don’t just offer solutions; we roll up our sleeves and work side by side with our clients
    • We have “can do” attitudes
    • We believe in unleashing the full potential of our clients and PIPers
    • Our commitment to our clients lasts far longer than our engagement.
  • Simplicity and Velocity

    • “As much velocity and simplicity as we can and no more”
    • There is sustainability in simplicity
    • We believe in prioritising, “80/20” and “enough analysis to make a decision”
    • Much information and improvements are made in implementation and are far more valuable than over-analysing a theoretically perfect idea on paper - if a decision is directionally right and risks identified and managed, get implementing.
  • No Harm

    • “We work towards No Harm in safety and environment in all that we do”
    • We lead by example
    • It is our obligation to protect ourselves, those around us and the environment in which we live
    • Every day we strive to achieve no harm and systematically eliminate unnecessary risks.
  • Do the Right Thing

    We do the right thing through four key elements:


    • We do what we say we’ll do
    • We pursue what is in the best interest of our client
    • We hold ourselves to the highest standard of professionalism

    Compassion and respect

    • We care about our clients and our people and listen to their needs
    • We look to “unleash potential” and transform others
    • We treat others with courtesy and respect


    • We will do what needs to be done
    • We are willing to be judged on our results
    • We work hands-on with our clients through complex issues


    • We actively take responsibility
    • We look for what we personally can do to make a difference, and act on it
    • We lead by example