At PIP, our proactive and progressive training programme will build your competencies throughout your PIP career: so you can learn more, experience more and do more in a shorter space of time.

Our programme consists of four primary ways to actively develop your competencies:

  1. Group training courses, which you attend in person and participate in, that are:
    • Formally structured around proven tools and methodologies.
    • Held regionally and globally, providing you with regular networking opportunities with your peers.
    • Taught by our experienced, subject-matter-led experts.
  2. An online self-learning programme, that is:
    • Tailored to the individual PIPer. It gives relevant training for your role and for your personal development, opportunities and interests.
  3. An on-the-job coaching and training programme – supported by our Development Leader programme – that includes our apprenticeship model for those new to consulting.
  4. Professional PIP accreditation, offering the opportunity to gain one of three Professional Certificates in Operations.

Our competency development programme supports your career progression at PIP, so that you can readily meet the clearly defined skills, abilities and results for your role.