PIP’s professional development approach – our Development Leader Programme – will help shape your PIP career. Based on the traditional apprenticeship model, a Development Leader, with more experience than you – and other than your line manager – will support and mentor you throughout your career at PIP. It’s a process of getting to know another PIPer and developing a mutually beneficial and trusting relationship.

Your Development Leader will always be on hand to help you, and is responsible for:

  • Coaching and mentoring you.
  • Citing opportunities for your development.
  • Helping you to work through any problems you may encounter.
  • Matching your interests to PIP’s staffing needs and supporting you to explore a broad spectrum of engagements.

Your Development Leader will help to ensure you are getting the experience, feedback and coaching you need in order to be successful at PIP.

PIP’s supportive team environment accelerates your learning, so that you can build your competencies by experiencing and doing more in a shorter space of time.