Why You

To be a successful PIPer you need to be not only an outstanding academic performer, but also dynamic, passionate and prepared to roll up your sleeves and work inside our clients’ businesses. You need to care about people and developing them, as coaching is a big part of our success.

At PIP you will:

  • Learn the traditional management consulting toolkit plus the PIP business transformation methodologies;
  • Learn to coach and build capability in people, while unleashing potential in yourself and others;
  • Participate in a wide range of formal and informal training opportunities throughout your career, that includes:
    • Attending regular group training courses – regionally and globally – to build technical, coaching and management skills;
    • Receiving on-the-job coaching to support formal training courses. You will be staffed on engagements to ensure you learn and practice the skills you need to be successful;
    • Participating in informal learning opportunities, whether its attending monthly intellectual property (IP) spotlight calls, completing online self-learning, or attending one of our webex training calls;
  • Be allocated a Development Leader (DL) who has the responsibility to ensure that you are learning and progressing at PIP.  Your DL must report in twice annually to the partnership group and show that you are receiving the support you need; and
  • Gain all the skills and experience you need to position yourself for a future leadership role.

Join our Team

PIPers have a unique perspective on what it takes to be a truly successful consultant; We

  • are pragmatic, tenacious and have a bias for actionable insights that can quickly be deployed and then adjusted as the results dictate;
  • are just as comfortable in the board room as we are on the front line;
  • don’t just expect results, we roll up our sleeves and work side by side with our client’s team and coach them how to get results;
  • have plenty of smarts, but have zero interest in proving we are the smartest in the room; and we
  • are bright, experienced and down-to-earth… the type of people you would choose to hang out with.

If you are someone who prefers results to reports and change over charts, then PIP is the place for you. As we continue to expand into new geographies and industries we offer big opportunities for motivated and like-minded individuals to join the PIP team. At PIP you will be supported and challenged to expand your capabilities and your ambitions. So why not take the next step?

Please submit your resume through the apply now link on the main careers page