Enrolment Interview

Following the screening of applications, candidates who meet our criteria will be invited to start the interview process which commences with an enrolment interview with a senior recruiter.   The purpose of the interview, which will be conducted via phone, is for candidates to have the opportunity to ask questions about PIP’s work, our people, and our culture.  The recruiter will look to understand more about your career motivations, results achievements in your past roles and your preparedness to travel for client engagements.  In addition, the recruiter will take the opportunity to understand your language skills, technical abilities and remuneration expectations.  Following this discussion a decision will be made about advancing candidates to subsequent rounds.

Round 1: Case interview

A specially trained PIP Consultant will do the case study interview with you, most likely over the telephone. The interview is broken down into two parts: the first is a case study, the second, behavioural-based questions, which explore your specific work experiences and personal style.

Whilst it is a case study interview, we take note of how you fit with PIP’s values and culture; a fit that is crucial to your success at PIP, so don’t feel afraid to show your personality. PIPers are a diverse group, so don’t be afraid to be you. Your progression from one round to the next is dependent on your success in the previous round, and the PIP Recruiter will contact you to provide feedback and advise you on whether your application will be progressed. 

Round 2: Case interview

The interview is very similar to the first interview. Afterwards you will receive feedback from the PIP Recruiter who will advise you of its outcome.

Round 3: Case interview

Almost done, if you have made it to the third round, you have proven you have great problem-solving skills and will now meet one of our Global Directors face-to-face.

As well as going through a case study we look at other criteria during the interviews, such as communication skills, personal impact and your fit with PIP values. We also want to give you the opportunity to understand a little bit more about PIP and address any questions you may have.

[Note: there may be additional cases or qualification steps required before a decision can be made regarding an offer.]


If you have succeeded in getting to the offer stage you have made it through an intensive recruitment process that marks you out as the best of the best. Your recruiting contact would have provided feedback throughout the process and will now extend the PIP offer to you.