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Role: Senior Associate
Home base: Johannesburg, South Africa
Education: Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Laws from Rhodes University

 Why did you choose PIP?

After working in strategy consulting for three years I felt that it was important to learn about the implementation of business improvement opportunities. Partners in Performance has been delivering improved business results in the implementation space for 20 years and has a wonderful reputation in the industry. I felt that this was the right firm to be at to achieve the professional growth that I was seeking.

What have you achieved since joining?

One of the reasons that I enjoy working at PIP is that the results that are achieved at organisations are measurable. Through my sourcing, Business Improvement and zero-based cost engagements I have helped to save clients over US$50m. I say ‘helped’ because throughout each of these engagements I have coached client team members to apply the frameworks that we use to ensure that they can continue to utilise the tools when we leave site and that the savings/production increases are sustainable. Leaving a client site and receiving feedback from client team members that they feel you have added value to their development is immensely rewarding. The other achievement that I am proud of was winning the MD’s IP award for an article I wrote on how to source grade control drilling.

Why would you recommend PIP?

1) The exposure: I have had the privilege of working in six different countries since joining PIP. This has given me the opportunity to be exposed to different people, cultures and places that I otherwise would never have had the chance to experience.
2) The people: I have enjoyed working with PIPers immensely. They tend to be down-to-earth, pragmatic people and there is always a great deal of bonding that takes place on engagements. Teams are often made up of people from all walks of life – different countries of origin, work experience, age etc. It is hugely beneficial to engage and work with people with such different perspectives.
3) Professional development: PIP is very focused on professional development. Aside from the training, feedback is embedded in the culture and each person is allocated a Development Leader to help them learn and grow.
4) Results: One of the most rewarding things about PIP is being able to measure the impact of the work that you are doing. Whether the key performance indicator is client savings or production related, it is exciting to see it move positively as your work progresses. It is almost addictive! I would recommend PIP to anyone who is results-driven, looking to travel, have unusual experiences, and grow and interact with people from different backgrounds.

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PIP promotes camaraderie, compassion, and teamwork to get the job done. This makes PIP a one-of-a-kind place to work in the consulting industry."


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