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Role: Associate Principal
Home base: Adelaide, Australia
Education: Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering) and Master’s in Engineering (Engineering Management), from Stellenbosch University.

I chose to make the move from operations to consulting because I was looking for something that would challenge me in different ways every day. The idea of working on various engagements over multiple industries really appealed to me – a great way to diversify my experience at an early stage in my career. My mind was made up about PIP after my first few interviews, hearing how passionately people spoke about the company and their work made me want to love my job that much too.

When I first joined PIP, I thought that I would only work in areas where I had prior experience but instead, I was given opportunities to work in brand-new environments, acquiring brand-new skills. I’ve had the opportunity to be stretched, to be developed; I’ve realised all of the opportunities are there, and it’s supported by PIP’s very strong emphasis on people development.

I love the “work hard, play hard” attitude that a lot of PIPers have. We put in the hard work, while always keeping in mind that something which is such a big part of your life should include at least a little bit of light-hearted fun. I also like that in every team you are part of you’re bound to work with different, smart, interesting, experienced people who are happy to share their knowledge with you. The diversity within the company never ceases to amaze me.

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PIP promotes camaraderie, compassion, and teamwork to get the job done. This makes PIP a one-of-a-kind place to work in the consulting industry."


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