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Role: Associate Principal
Home base: São Paulo, Brazil
Education: Engineering degrees from the Universities of Louvain and Cambridge, and an MBA from INSEAD

Why did you choose PIP?

After my MBA I joined a strategy consulting firm. I learned a lot there, but sometimes I felt a bit far from the client’s reality. Then I took an operational role in a retail group: very hands on, but with daily operational priorities it was sometimes difficult to get quality thinking time and focus on mid-long term projects. At PIP, I feel I get the best of both worlds: working on high impact projects within a high potential group, but at the same time integrated in the operations, spending more time solving problems interacting with clients than building nice looking presentations. 

What have you achieved since you joined?

As we focus on fast results, we normally start the projects with a 2-3 weeks diagnostic which has a triple objective: identify the improvement potential and the priorities, get to know the operational teams (and let them “test” PiP) and get alignment and buy-in on this potential. After doing that in different sectors, I am now more calibrated to find the sweet spot between ambitious and realistic and to set targets and timelines that we can jointly commit to.

I’ve implemented PIP’s Continuous Improvement methodology several times, each time witnessing the enthusiasm when the first ideas get approved and the satisfaction when the financial controllers validate the results tracking and confirm that those are sustainable. 

Why you love the PIP environment / why you’d recommend PIP?

I like the variety and pace of consulting, and found a good fit with PIP Latam’s team. Consulting is not for everyone: the travelling and the time away takes a toll on family life, but for those who choose to do it, PIP is a great environment offering flexibility, the right amount of pressure, and great colleagues that quickly become friends and who are looking after each other.  

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