Our client, a mining conglomerate in the Middle East, had identified a range of initiatives that could deliver an additional $500m in cash over a five-year period in an initial top-down diagnostic.

With so much at stake, PIP was engaged to ensure that each site had detailed implementation plans and resources in place, and to create a central PMO capability to manage the overall programme. The client had worked with a number of consulting firms and chose PIP for the engagement for our ability to:

  • Implement a bottom-up driven PMO where the sites have accountability
  • Deploy experienced people with mining expertise to stress test initiatives
  • Provide a highly visible process which is coached at the front line – versus doing the work

Client achieved

  • A ‘wired in’ and highly visual delivery process with six ‘cash rooms’ and a delivery cadence at sites
  • A ‘cash room’ at the centre to track and review overall programme progress
  • 20 Engineers, typically local talent, coached in disciplined delivery methodology
  • A clear risk-based delivery model and resources
  • A clearly articulated bottom-up forecast of actual delivery:
    • Showing a gap of 36% in net cash position, i.e. improvements less Capex
    • A plan to close the gap