Our client, a major mining consumables company, had poor sales force discipline. When coal and iron ore prices dropped, the client’s sales dropped significantly and the market became increasingly competitive. Due to its ineffective sales team and the opportunities that they had missed during the earlier commodity boom, the client was in need of assistance.
PIP was engaged to install sales force wiring and develop the necessary systems, tools and disciplines required to embed a structured sales force process.

Client achieved

  • 10% increase in sales from the first half to the second half of the financial year
  • Consistent revenue from month to month
  • Sales force wiring across their manufacturing businesses including:
    • Results-Actions-Reviews (RARs) between the sales executives and the General Manager
    • A weekly sales meeting to review performance and align priorities across the sales team
    • Daily Short Interval Controls (SIC) on quote follow-up calls. (Quotes were not being followed up and subsequently the client was losing sales to competitors.)
    • A daily Lean Board that tracked the quotes to be followed up on during the week was installed to drive quote follow-up calls
    • Streamlined weekly reports that aligned with the rest of the business
  • Analysis of the value proposition gained through:
    • Idea Generation Session on new sales leads
    • Total Value of Ownership model for the different products and customers; this was used as a competitive advantage when selling
    • Value Driver Trees implemented across the entire business, including sales and cost.

The Results