A sample of services provided:

  • Real-time Visual KPI dashboards on mobile devices to drive performance transparency
  • Front-line performance transparency with digital visual boards
  • Vehicle fleet optimisation with telemetric data
  • Condition based maintenance inspections with drone data collection and analytics
  • Front-line productivity with electrical-forms and reference materials
  • Continuous Improvement with digital apps
  • Supply chain optimisation with Radio Frequency Identification
  • Improved front-line productivity with remote monitoring and control
  • Digital expertise to support commercial due diligence focused on digitally enabled companies
  • Safety share/safe observation apps


PIP has digital apps and tools that help improve performance:

  • Conduct analysis to understand key value drivers for operations and business
  • Identify opportunities to drive performance using digital applications and tools
  • Ruthlessly prioritise opportunities and drive rapid results from within the business
  • Engage expertise from a suite of proven digital partners


PIP will make sure you get the value and make it sustainable:

  • PIP will support a pilot for relevant digital tools
  • During the pilot, PIP will define the optimal way of operating and map out the transition
  • During deployment, PIP will drive transition to the new way of operating
  • PIP will set up the elements required to ensure the new way of operating is sustained


“We expect the drone-based inspections to become accepted as the best practice industry-wide. Sharper Shape’s concept of using a consolidated drone (UAS) patrol where one flight can provide all the data needed for various purposes including e.g. vegetation management, component maintenance, asset inventories, planning and customer service can help to reduce the cost of inspections and provide more frequent and accurate data from the grid and its environment.”

 - Construction Manager, leading electricity transmission and distribution operator, Finland

“We are in love with this software. When we were sitting with the designer for the first time, I had my team organise the tags and within 10 minutes we had them ready to present to the users. They couldn’t believe that what they wanted to do for two years was achieved in 10 minutes. They were impressed with the speed and ease that allows you to design and configure the data in the Designer with AF.”

- Carlos Guevara, Head of Industrial Applications, Pemex, Mexico

“Adds value from day one. Great support team. Loved by end users.”

- Julian Rouse, Area Manager Western Power, Australia